Digital Artwork Submittal

In order for us to process your artwork file/s into engraved products, the files must meet certain criteria. If your files meet the criteria, you can submit them directly to us, and we will be able to engrave your order. If your files do not meet the criteria, you can still send them to us and we will convert/process them for an additional fee.

Fee information is as follows:

Artwork that meets approval: $50.00 per file.
Artwork that needs to be processed by us: $100.00 per file.

Please check the criteria below, and follow the appropriate submittal process as outlined.

Note: Please compress your files before sending using Zip. This will greatly speed the time of transmission when you email them to us.

Approved Files & Types

If your files are:
Vector based graphics (non-bitmap, contains content based on mathematically described shapes, etc.)
  • CorelDraw (*.cdr—ver 3 to 7), (*.cmx—up to ver 7)
  • Adobe Illustrator 88 (vector)
  • Vector *.EPS files

Digital Artwork Submittal Form
We will need the following information:
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Approved file format
Other file format
*File name:
 (If PC, include extension)
*File type:
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